Jhanjharpur, Madhubani, Bihar
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  • Appeal for COVID-19.This being one of the most trying times, let us together, once again, rise to help the Nation in need.For reading complete msg visit davcmc.net.in
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As we all know, education is a process that widens the horizon of our thinking and prepares us to face the challenges of life more confidently, It must instill in us good senses that should reflect from `what we do, why we do and how we do.' We, at a DAV institution, keep striving to give the best and get the best. 'Exploring the possibilities amidst all limitations' is something we can't do away with and we have to aim at getting the best even out of the worst. This is possible only with a positive frame of mind and right attitude, which we all need to create and nurture in our children obviously through our deeds rather than words, for "Action speaks louder than speech". Irrespective of where we are, in what condition we are , and in what capacity we are , we must keep filling the children with good senses and making them imbibe the values that our society/ culture has always stood for. Let's join hands together to build a vibrant society and strong nation through proper education. Long live India! Long live DAV! Thanks!